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A 12-year-old boy who made headlines for weighing 190kg at just the age of ten has lost the title of 'world's fattest boy' after shedding almost half of his body weight.

Arya Permana, from Karawang in West Java, Indonesia, was so morbidly obese he weighed the same as six boys his own age, struggled to walk more than five minutes at a time and spent most of his days lying down.

Last April he became the youngest person in the world to undergo a life-saving five-hour gastric sleeve operation to stop him from eating himself to near-death.

Before the surgery, the Indonesian WorldRecords Museum (MURI) - the country's version of Guinness World Records - named Arya as the heaviest boy on record.

Less than two years later and after doctors from the Omni Hospital in Jakarta removed a large portion of his stomach, Arya has finally been able to return to school after losing enough weight to enable him to walk.

'I lost my appetite, now even six spoons [of food] already makes me full,' Arya told the ABC.

'They prevent me from consuming sweet food and drinks, particularly soft drinks.

'I can play soccer, tennis, badminton, and most importantly, I can go to school every day'.

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