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So many people have been manipulated or wrongly advised in their life, not by strangers, colleague or work mates but by their family, friends and even their lovers in their everyday life. It also talks about how we human make mistakes due to our intimate relationship with other humans.

There are some decision or choices you might have plan to execute but because you try to seek advice from your friends and family, they lead you astray because you think they know whats best for you being that you know them so well.

One must exercise caution when listening to friends and family advises. Because you are blood related or you all grew up together doesn't mean you think alike or even act alike. Everybody is different and not just physically but mentally. i.e speaking from experience, I personally was trying to start a small wholesale business but my friends thought it was wrong because they feel its waste of time and stressful, I was not able to start that business.

 They don't have power over you but they can manipulate your thoughts about the creative and innovative idea you have. You must always isolate yourself and think outside the box in order to be successful in life

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