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Follow these tips and you are on your way to becoming the next Warren Buffet.
Successful businessmen like Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and the likes put in a lot of work and sacrifice to attain the level of success in different respective positions they are today.

Every young entrepreneur looks up to these affluent men and women but how much work can be put to get to the point they are. Here are 9 steps they've publicity adopted in one way or the other to get to where they are today. These tips help guide you on your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

1. Be an early riser
The first step to becoming a successful entrepreneur is waking up early. The holy books also attest to this fact. Waking up early makes you think and plan your day properly.

2. Engage in a deep thinking session
Take at most 15 minutes of the morning brainstorming about business, family, career, relationship etc. Positive thinking helps to focus the mind for the day.

3. Exercise
Go through a brief exercise routine, probably 30 minutes of exercise, before stepping out for the day's grind. Fit people tend to be more healthy and also have the strength to work more hours with better concentration.

4. Read books
Many successful businessmen are readers. Not talking about soft sell magazines but books on business and self-improvement, motivational books. Reading books helps sharpen the brain.

5. Set goals
Know your passion and work towards it. Define your goals, try setting a standard for yourself. Set a deadline or give yourself a timeline for you to achieve your goals. Go back to the drawing board to check your progress, taking note of mistakes and correcting them.

6. Networking
This is very important key to being an entrepreneurial success. Meet people who have the same goals like you do and are purpose-driven. Join social clubs to connect with people, engaging in discussions that bring innovative ideas.

7. Find a mentor
Find a successful businessman to groom and also advice you on growing your business providing networking opportunities and also boosting your confidence. Having a mentor helps you learn by sharing valuable life lessons, mistakes and experience the mentor once had.

8. Learn how to save
An aspiring business man should always learn how to save, have more than a source. Remove a substantial amount of money from your income and create a budget on how you want to spend your earnings.

9. Be able to take risks
A businessman should always prepare for risks. Success stories we hear about these days took lots of risk before getting to the height of the business. Don't be scared to take risks, refusing to take a risk means you are shutting the doors of success.

Follow these tips and you are on your way to becoming the next Warren Buffet or even better the next Bill gate.

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